Signed up for Swimtag at Virgin Active

Jen and Simon invited me to swim with them in morning training, so I decided to give it a try.

Signed up with Swimtag and October’s going to be “Swim the Channel” challenge month.

Interestingly now swimming with the tag on my right wrist and the Garmin on my left. All good fun.


~ by craigarnoldphotos on October 2, 2013.

4 Responses to “Signed up for Swimtag at Virgin Active”

  1. I swim in the farm dam and would like to track my distance. What type of Garmin do you use. I see two models- forerunner 310 and 910- do you use one of them?

    • Hi Marie,

      I use the Garmin Swim, but that’s a pool-only device. The Forerunners will work both indoors and outdoors I believe, but I’ve not used them.


      • HI Craig I have bought a FINIS Hydro Tracker- it was on a special.(The Fore runner is very expensive in South Africa) It wil track my outdoor distance, but will not give immediate feedback like the forerunner (You have to download to the coputer first- so will only see after the swim. I am thinking of getting the Garmin swim for the immediate feedback and for stroke and lap counting. One can see while you are busy? or do you also only see results after a download to the computer. Thanks for your help. MAri


      • Well, you can see some information while you are swimming I believe. The display shows your distance and your interval. If you want to drill into the interval times (other than your current one) I think you have to first save the session and then start a new one.

        But basically it’s very handy for seeing what distance you have covered on your current interval and the time of your last one once you stop the timer.

        Most of the “serious” swimmers in our pool have one. You can download all the data to your PC afterwards too (wirelessly). It’s very convenient if you leave the USB device plugged in, you just put your swim bag next to the PC and it downloads the data from the watch and sends it to the Garmin website. No effort required at all.


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