End of February – where now?

There is a girl who also swims in the fast lanes and is definitely the Alpha in our pool.

Fairly tall. Such a lovely stroke. Barely a kick at all, reasonably slow stroke rate and she cruises at around 1.25/100. Very economical. In the same lane there’s hardly any turbulence at all when she passes in the other direction. Like Terry says – moving through the water, but not moving any water around.

If she gives even a bit of a kick she’ll be right down around 1.15. I don’t know how fast she can go if she tries, but she’s the only swimmer in the pool who was probably county level at some point.

So today I was working on lengthening my stroke a bit and trying to balance my rotation to push further forward and get better extension with my right arm. Felt pretty good.

Tomorrow is the beginning of March. Absent any other brilliant ideas I’m simply going with increasing my distance – up to 3000m per day I think.

Going from 1600 to 2000 for February has made a difference so I think I’ll just keep trying to keep my pace and form for a bit longer.

May 27th is the 10k at Eton Dorney.

Log from today’s session…



~ by craigarnoldphotos on February 28, 2013.

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