Friday checkpoint again.

Pool was 3-4C cooler than usual this morning. So my swim was a bit quicker.

1000m warmup.

After which I had one of those moments where the chap in the lane next to me wanted to talk about swimming. Did the TI enthusiast thing, had a look at his stroke and gave some advice. Nice chap – very strong, reasonably good swimmer, can’t run for a couple of months due to injury.

Interestingly I was trying to do a bit of “loping” as Charles puts it, and especially on the LHS breathing it seemed to help.

So then was a bit short of time, so did 2 x 200m for the checkpoint.

200m breathing left : 1.31/100.

200m breathing right : 1.28/100.

This was “fast” for me, not a sprint, but I can’t go much faster than that over 200m in a 20m pool – just can’t get enough air because of the turns. So definitely not perpetual motion pace.

Anyway, the neurological gap between LHS & RHS breathing certainly seems to be closing. With still a few days left in January.

February will have a different focus – I’ll be back in the 25m pool.


~ by craigarnoldphotos on January 25, 2013.

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