Breathing left for longer distances.

1000m warmup. Followed by 600m breathing only left.

I was wondering if the gap in speed/efficiency on my LHS is caused by a scissor when I breath left. This occurred to me as I watched other swimmers’ videos on the TI forums. When going for breath is the time that most kick scissor out madly. So today I concentrated on what my legs were doing when I breathed left. Good news; no scissor that I could feel, or at least if there is one, it’s small and streamlined.

The slow pace that I’m swimming at the moment actually has very little kicking. Rotated focus point through various points. During the 1000m it was mostly on the head, trying to keep laser pointed down the pool. Did okay I guess.

Noticed the cute girl in the lane next to me, not generating much propulsion but a nice neat style. Small kick, but her youth and flexibility in her back allow her to keep a nice flat body position despite high head and pretty poor catch. I could definitely help her go faster. Quite short and doesn’t look very strong, so no Olympian, but she could do a lot better. Curiously one of the best looking strokes on such a slow swimmer I’ve seen.

Did the last 600m breathing LHS only. Got a bit of a sore neck now, but the flexibility is improving. I definitely can’t do “popeye” mouth on the left. Quite annoying, but at least it’s making me focus on body rotation on the left.

Maybe I’ll aim to do 1500m or 2000m breathing left only at the end of January for my final swim of “bilateral month”.


~ by craigarnoldphotos on January 15, 2013.

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