A little test.

As it’s Friday I thought I’d check something.

1000m warmup, breathing left one length and right the next. (Avg 1.47/100)

Followed by 3x200m where I attempted to apply an equal perceived physical effort for my “perpetual motion” pace. The LHS breathing felt pretty good. I am still getting a bit of a sore neck from it, but 200m straight is probably the most I’ve ever done and it felt okay. RHS felt normal, good feel for the water, steady perpetual pace. The 3rd stroke bilateral I was trying for the same perceived effort, the stroke felt good though slightly different from the other two – better “balanced” I guess. But I was certainly running short of air towards the end.

I am still a long way from equalizing the perceived neurological effort of LHS v RHS breathing.

200m breathing left only on every 2nd stroke. (Avg 1.43/100)

200m breathing right only on every 2nd stroke. (Avg 1.37/100)

200m bilateral on every 3rd stroke. (Avg 1.36/100)



~ by craigarnoldphotos on January 11, 2013.

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