Feeling it on the left.

I feel very disconnected from my stroke when breathing left, so much so in fact that I struggle to “feel” things properly even when I’m on my right lengths.

My focal point for the last 2 days has mostly revolved around putting my arms in the correct position. Spearing nicely through the mailslot on my left hand, whilst keeping the lead right hand wide enough for stability while breathing to the left and poised for the catch when the left hand spears.

So hopefully this is preventing the stroke from falling apart, and my swim watch says there isn’t much difference between lengths breathing left and those breathing right. So even though it feels all wrong that is not evident from the data.

Today then, after 500m or so I tried to refocus on all the clues I have when breathing on my right; the feel of the water on my hands when I stroke, the feel of the water on my legs as I kick, feeling the extension (or lack of) in my scapula as I spear. On the left I was still concentrating on trying not to feel like I was drowning. After 1000m or so I then tried to capture or transfer that mental awareness that I have to left breath lengths. Devilishly hard. But not hopeless.

It’ s only the 8th of January and I do feel like I am making some progress on left breathing.


~ by craigarnoldphotos on January 8, 2013.

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