Why breathe left?

I hate breathing on my left.

If I breathe every 4th stroke I can feel I’m swimming better, but I cannot sustain it, I run short of air quickly. I even run short of air if I breathe every 3rd stroke. So it’s either breathe left or breathe right. And left feels horrible. Actually I can’t really even turn my neck left comfortably out of the water. Swimsmooth maintain that breathing out constantly is necessary, many others agree, but it’s not borne out in my view by what happens in other sports or activities where breath is held at key points. And it’s certainly NOT how SOME of the elite swimmers do it – including Sun Yang.

Maybe if I drop 15kg I’ll find it easier to breathe every 3rd stroke, but I’m 45 this year.


~ by craigarnoldphotos on January 3, 2013.

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